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Innovations That 3DMath Explorer Comes With

Innovations that 3DMath Explorer introduce to this field:

  • Addition to points, lines and surface (that covered with polygons) draw types, 3DMath Explorer use a kind of volume draw (cubic draw: that covered polygons on 6 face of cubes)  that no program seems to be use so far. It seems to be a reform for this field. It could be only possible to draw real 3D objects (that have thickness or depth with height and width) in a 3D coordinate system by using cubic draw. So in reality other programs can only draw 2D objects in 3D coordinate systems at most. As a result of this 3DMath Explorer is only mathematical pilot program that can draw real 3D objects in a 3D coordinate system.
  •  3DMath Explorer do not use a different pilot screens to draw 2D and 3D graphs. It uses the same 3D coordinate system (3D math space) to draw all 2D and 3D curve graphs together. So that 3DMath Explorer protects integrity of mathematical thinking.
  • Definition of more than two loop variable (as a result of this we can define cubical curves with 3DMath Explorer)
  • Additional Parameter Functions: Addition to parameter functions fx, fy, and fz you can define 3 additional parameter function with 3DMath Explorer. With the aid of this additional functions, definition of cylindrical and spherical curves become much more easy.
  • You donít  have to separately define different types of curves in Cartesian, Cylindrical, and Spherical coordinates. With help of additional parameter function definitions all kind of curves can be define and pilot in the same coordinate system (the Cartesian coordinate system). It mains that user can completely master all mathematical properties of graphs because there is no confusion between different coordinate system in 3DMath Explorer. So this is new very important feature that introduce to this field by 3DMath Explorer . (This feature also important to save integrity between graphics and mathematical way of thinking)
  • 3DMath Explorer has a four view screen (that you can see front, top, right and perspective view of the graph at the same time) that used in architectural CED programs but havenít been used in mathematical function and curve piloting programs so far.
  • There is not necessary to draw graphs in definite borders. All curves piloted in an unlimited space (Of course there are also limitations as a result of computer nature. The limit of 3DMath Explorer is the biggest number that extended numbers type of computer can take.)
  • Fogging Effect: It can open all components colors of graph towards to background color to blur the far elements of graph .
  • Showing coordinate of points that forms curves (Vertexes) with information like sum of lines length and polygon surface area.

Some properties of 3DMath Explorer that exist one by one on a few other programs too are;

  • Perspective piloting property (drawing near lines, points, est. with their true length and drawing far ones length a little lessened depends on their distance.)
  • Actively rotating graphs with mouse movements to position where ever you want to look at and get a view of it,
  • Turning of graphs continuously on certain directions to get animated pilots.

But below properties can be only found in 3DMath Explorer.


o    Changing continues rotation direction actively with mouse movements,

o     When you pressed left button of mouse to rotate the graph with mouse movements. If you rapidly change position of mouse pointer on the screen then just relies the button, the graph start to rotate on to this direction with a first turning speed that gradually slows down and in the end would stops

  • Working with many piloting screens/windows in the same time (But in 3DMath Explorer, you can also transfer curves among these screens.)
  • Using logical and relational operators (not, and or, xor, <, lt, >, gt,  <=, le, >=, ge,  ==, eq, !=, ne)
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