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Fields That 3DMath Explorer Can Be Use

Fields that 3DMath Explorer can be use:

  • High school math education,
  • Collage and university math. education,
  • In academic works and Research-Development works of industrial  institutions ,
  • For writers to enrich their book with many more much better graphs,
  • For companies that develop multimedia programs for education or for internet sites on education to produce many graphs and animations,
  • In comprehensive industrial and architectural design or in more simple design fields like logo design,
  • In many engineering calculations and their applications,
  • As a simple personal hobby to amuse yourself

Its use spectrum changes from teaching of secondary and high school students to collage and university students and  from engineering and academicals works to architecture and many other technical fields.


What 3DMath Explorer Offers to Education and Science

Comforts that 3DMath Explorer Offers to Education and Science:

    • It offers students an environment that they can make experiment and observation.
    • It change position of Mathematics being a torment, a lesson that hard to learn or study to a child’s play that you play with joy.
    • It offers teachers and writers produce visual materials to teach subjects more interesting and comfortable, and it gives them the chance of selecting these materials within more suitable, beautiful and comprehensible graphs.
    • It makes academic works done more easily and it carries expressions of these works from their intellectual dimension to a visual dimension. So people understand them much more easily.

    There are always many complains about stability of education systems (They are applied for years without any change made) and rote learning (only memorizing, learning things without knowing their real meaning, learning them just to past exams) in education. And in many education systems, pupils have no chance to produce something by themselves. As a result of these facts and complaints we developed 3DMath Explorer and it claims to be a complete Lab. for math.


    How You Can Get Advantage from 3DMath Explorer in Modern Education

    Fields that 3DMath Explorer can be use in education :

    • As an very useful lab. program,
    • To pilot graphs of many studies in many subjects,
    • Teaching many geometry topics with help of computer piloted graphs that formed by  this program. With a computer and a projector, you can pilot the graphs and have a chance to change every parameters of them at once, and show your pupils how these changes effect the graphs. This is means of giving the most effective, modern and scientific education to your students.
    • For students to do their homework, projects and final thesis.
    • To put more visual graphs on to academicals publications and education books in this field.

    One of the main aims of the program is to be use as a lab. program for collages, universities and even for high schools. 3DMath Explorer offers an environment to students practice newly learned subjects at once. In this environment they can not only make experiment and observation but also develop something with themselves. You can use it as a very impressing teaching tool in your lessons too. You can show the subjects you are telling on to a screen with a projector linked to a computer.


    How You Can Make Use of 3DMath Explorer in Other Fields Except Education

    Other Fields that 3DMath Explorer can be use:

    • In industry especially in automotive sector, this program and/or its variations can be use to design all kind of accessories from automobile tyre to looking-glasses, and to design products like pots and pans, est.
    • To design many objects like doors, windows, columns and to design decoration subjects in architecture.
    • To design ornaments with glasses, copper, steal, iron, wood, est.
    • To explain some events in sciences like astronomy, biology, physics, geography, est. and to make studies and teach works in this fields

    These are fields that comes to my head at first place. As you see these are generally design works. Of course you shouldn’t think you can use it in complicated design works. But you can do same simple designs. You can find many interesting curves with your math ability or simple by accident then do not hesitate a moment, put them to any good use of them.  Remember that many architect and artist used math in their works.

    Actually if we move from the truth that ‘All objects in universe can be define with functions that express each dimension of these objects’, there are no field that you can not use this program.


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