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Which Technologies does 3DMath Explorer Use?

Used Technologies:


3DMath Explorer built on two module that perform two basic tasks. First one of them is Function Interpreter (Calculator) Module, and other is Drawing (Piloting) Module.


Both  module planed to do their task not only very well but also as fast as that can be possible. To do this, Function Interpreter has an algorithm that does not simply ‘parsing’ operation as you expect. After finding all little pieces that has a mean in text, it also put them in to a structure tree that works much more rapidly both at one and more then one time run. Even it makes many optimizations on to this structure tree to get more speed at calculations. It is certain that this is one of the fastest function calculation module that can be use.


On the other hand the Piloting Module does not use any popular APIs (application programming interfaces) like DirectX-DirectDraw/Direct3D or OpenGL technology to draw 3D Math objects. It does not need them, because it use image processing algorithms directly in code. That gives the program more stability, reliability, independence to hardware and many more other advantages.


There is no physical tie between this modules. So both modules can be use for other aims alone. As you see Function Calculator included this project as a side program uses the same Function Interpreter with 3DMath Explorer.


This program does not need any special display adapters to run because it makes needed display calculations done by PCs main CPU. It doesn’t use any command that run by graphic CPU of these 3D display adapters. You don’t need to setup DirectX or other stuffs on your system. 3DMath Explorer does not use these APIs. It makes all display calculation with a display module of its own. As a result of this 3DMath Explorer can be easily run on any computers that run by Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP and so on.


3DMath Explorer does not use any third part tool to calculate and draw graphs. So we do not have to wait somebody to develop these tools. We are developing our own tools. It means program and these tools are being developing at the same time. And there are many possibilities that these tools can be use. 

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